My most requested service is the Full Groom

  • this starts with a brush out to eliminate any mats* or tangles   
  • ears and eyes are checked for any health problems so that I can inform the owner, as is the dog's skin, so that I can also determine the most suitable shampoo to use
  • ear hair will be plucked on breeds that require this  - essential in maintaining a healthy ear canal
  • nails are cut where necessary
  • an initial trim will often be done before bathing 
  • the dog is then bathed using only professional shampoos and conditioners
  • this is followed by drying the dog, usually by using a combination of blaster dryer to remove excess moisture and finishing, stand dryer to prepare the coat for final styling - I do not use cabinet dryers!
  • eyes and ears may be gently cleaned and in between paw pads will be trimmed out 
  • the final clipperwork and/or hand scissoring is carried out to complete the desired syle
  • a coat conditioning spray is applied

The Full Groom can take from 1 to 3 hours (even longer for some very large breeds) depending on the size of the dog, coat type and length, nature of the trim and to some extent the dog's behaviour and temperament. These factors will also determine the cost. I believe I offer a value for money service  - see my Price Guide page.

* An important note about matting

The pre-bath brush out will remove minor matting sometimes present in even well maintained coats. Removal of more severe matting may incur a further charge depending on its extent. I will assess your dog's coat for matting upon arrival and advise of the options available for removal. For scheduling purposes it would be helpful to me if you could mention if your dog is matted at the time of booking. In some cases more than one visit may be necessary in order to remove the matting in a humane and gentle manner. For more advice, please contact me. 


I am also happy to accommodate requests for other services such as a bath and dry only, nail trimming only, face tidy, brush out in between full grooms etc. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.



Owners of dogs that become aggressive at any point during the grooming process will be called and asked to collect their dogs immediately. In these cases, the groom may be incomplete but a charge will still be made for time spent on the dog. I am very happy to advise owners who are open with me on the best way forward with these dogs in terms of grooming and am prepared to work with them towards achieving this goal. I am always available for advice. Please contact me to discuss.            




Puppy grooming

Free Puppy Sessions  - it is essential that a puppy's first grooming experience is a good one, preparing him for the all important regular sessions he will need.

With this in mind my Free Puppy Sessions are open to all fully vaccinated puppies. They last no longer than 30 minutes and consist of acquainting each puppy with all aspects of the grooming process. They will be brushed out and gently introduced to the equipment whilst given lots of positive reinforcement. Your puppy may need 2 or 3 of these sessions prior to his first Full Groom and I am quite happy to provide this service free of charge as it will be such a great benefit to your dog in the longer term.  

New! Following the success of this service, I am now also offering it to adult dogs who may be nervous or new to the grooming process. Please contact me to discuss your dog's requirements.